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'The lion sleeps- rest in peace, Cesar.'   Words attached to Sir Rod Stewart's wreath for Billy McNeill.


I realise that Christmas is but a pleasant memory for most of you; for my self it seemed to pass me by this year. Only on Christmas Day did I eat in the dining room, and only a miniscule portion of food at that. For the first time in my memory I ate no Christmas pies. The pudding from M&S was delicious I was told. My best Christmas present was a recently published large biography of General Ulysses Grant by Ron Chernow. The more I read of the American civil war, the more I am learning about present day problems in that country.

Still staying with things American: the Oscars take place this coming Sunday. I learned last week that in 6th,century BC Greece, the acting profession also had their awards ceremony. In the 3rd.century BC, an actors union was formed and its members immediately asked for free travel, for freedom from taxation and arrest.. Aristotle considered most of these actors were without principles and of being of low moral standards. nothing changes. And finally, which of this years nominations will be handed the Oscar for best film? The BAFTA gave its gong to ROMA. But don't be surprised if QUEEN gets the Oscar on Sunday night. Well, it is Hollywood and the film is about Freddie Mercury.

I have finished the film treatment of my autobiography and the BAFTA award to ROMA gives me encouragement that my treatment will be turned into a script and then an award -winning film.

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