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'The lion sleeps- rest in peace, Cesar.'   Words attached to Sir Rod Stewart's wreath for Billy McNeill.


For the past few days, I have been thinking about our planet.  Over the past few years, and in more recent times, we are witnessing an unprecedented rise in natural disasters, wars, personal violence, rioting and unseasonal weather.  Last week young people were killed in the USA while attending a 'pop' concert; and again in Belgium at a similar event.  Currently, there is turmoil in the financial markets around the world.  People are fearful for their own futures and that of their children.  Why is all of this happening, and at the same time?

 Nature is a seamless garment.  May it not be that nature is punishing the Godliness and immorality of our times?  I profess not to know the answer.  But something is seriously wrong, and I can't think of any other reason.

I recall reading a story, around 1950, where people on a Pacific Island blamed the death of a young man on their failure to worship God as they had once done.  An avenging Deity is how some would perceive this interpretation.  But one has only to look at a crucifix to see that God is a God of Love.  "God so loved the world..."




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