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 When eighty year old Martin Gordon, a well known Pallottine Father in 1960's London, was about to send the manuscript of his autobiography "No Love Here" to the printer last summer he sent a synopsis and photographs to Michael Colgan, Director of Dublin's Gate theatre, asking him for a commendation for the back cover.

The two men had met a few years previously at the Humbert School in Ballina, Co. Mayo, and had travelled together to the School's evening session in Castlebar in a car driven by Paul Mc Guinness, manager of O2.

A short distance into the journey, Colgan asked their passenger what did he do? Martin Gordon told him that he was retired but was writing his life story. Colgan asked if he had a title. "No Love Here" the writer answered. With that, the Director banged his fist on the car's dashboard and exclaimed "That's a great title, keep it."

A few days after receiving the synopsis, Michael Colgan replied denying that the two men had even met or that he had said those words about the book's title. Furthermore, he ordered Martin Gordon not to repeat this story to anyone or anywhere else.

It took Martin Gordon a few days to recover from this shock. But he came to the conclusion that being a man of the theatre, Michael Colgan did not wish to be associated with the forthcoming book in whch would be related unsavoury incidents relating to the Cork Opera House and the Savoy theatre in Limerick in the 1970's.  

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