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GOD: Myth or Reality?

This was the subject matter of a talk I gave on the 22ndOctober, 2013, in the Imperial hotel, Cork, Ireland, to an overflow attendance. I spoke for forty minutes, with questions from the floor following.

Firstly, I explained how the evening had come about. While recovering from being within hours of dying last January from blood clots in both of my lungs, a doctor said: “Somebody up there loves  you”.  “ Yes, God must have some task for me to do for Him”. I replied. During the summer months I became aware of the growing secularism in Ireland, and decided that God needed a little help: tonight is the result of that thought.

The talk began with my revealing how a body of scientists are not afraid to lie and to offer the most bizarre explanations for life on earth, rather than admit to a Divine creator. For example, that billions of years ago, a  highly- developed people sent unmanned space ships to earth to sprinkle organisms on the planet from which all life on earth began.

The second section dealt with the argument from ‘contingency’: nothing has within itself the explanation for its own existence. As the words from a song in the Sound of Music has it: “ Nothing  Comes from Nothing,  Nothing ever Could

I finally came to speak about Richard Dawkins, accusing him of being ‘Arrogant and intellectually dishonest’, with reference to his comments on the miracle of the sun at Fatima, in 1917, and his avoidance of dealing with Lourdes, the raising of Lazarus from the dead and Christ’s own Resurrection.

To end, I quoted American journalist, historian, academic and novelist Henry Adams: “ After all, a man knows mighty little, and may someday learn enough of his own ignorance to kneel down and pray”.

I hope to repeat the evening in Dublin, London and Glasgow, in the early months of 2014, God willing

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