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Quote of the Week

'The lion sleeps- rest in peace, Cesar.'   Words attached to Sir Rod Stewart's wreath for Billy McNeill.


Musings of a Scribbler.

Haven't we all heard the saying: " Everyone has a book in them?" Then the
riposte:" And it should stay there." But with the advance in computer
technology, it appears that nearly everyone is now writing a book of some
sort: poetry; fiction; memoir or local history. And in the USA, a new genre
has appeared, I have read in the New Yorker magazine, in which failed
novelists are writing 'misery' memoirs about how they have failed to make a
succes of their novel writing.  Sounds like something the late and much
loved Spike Milligan would have tried his hand at, with a title something
along the lines of : " My Part in the Demise of the Novel." 

I have found  a knowledge of Latin to be a most useful discipline when
writing in English: it helps one to keep one's writing 'tight' or
'concise',for exampale.
Here is a marvellous example of concise writing, avoiding verbiage in the
" Apllonius to Zeno,greeting. You did right to send the chickpeas to
Memphis. Farewell. "  Now that's what I call 'getting to the point'.  This
quote courtesy of Sir Ernest Gower's ' Plain Words.'

So until the next time, farewell readers.

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