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'The lion sleeps- rest in peace, Cesar.'   Words attached to Sir Rod Stewart's wreath for Billy McNeill.


Noted author, Stephen King, has announced that his new book Joyland will
only be available in print. " I want people to go to an actual bookstore,
rather than a digital one," he says.

Explaining in an article written for the Daily Express as to why he became
a Catholic, he wrote:  "It seems to me that in the current phase of
European history the essential issue is... between Christianity and chaos.
Today we can see it on all sides as the active negation of all that western
culture has stood for. Civilization- and by this I do not mean talking
cinemas and tinned food, nor even surgery and hygienic houses, but the
whole moral and artidtic organization of Europe- has not in itself the
power of survival. It came into being through Christianity, and without it
has no significance of power to command allegiance. The loss of faith in
Christianity and the consequential lack of confidence in moral and social
standards have become embodied in the ideal of a materialistic, mechanical
state... it is no longer possible to accept the benefits of civilization
and at the same time deny the supernatural basis upon which it rests."

These words, written by Waugh when he was 26 years old, can very well be
applied to the present time tat we live in.

It was Hilaire Belloc who inspired Waugh and other eminent men of the time
to become Catholics.  Here is a quatrain of Belloc's from one of his poems;

I challenged and kept the Faith,
The bleeding path alone I trod;
It darkens. Stand about my wraith,
And harbour me, Almighty God.

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